Facts about Moorish(Moor/Muur) Americans(AmEricans)

21 Dec

                                    *The reason why Moors cannot be U.S. Citizens is because the Moroccan Empire has a business arrangement with the British Empire [European Corporate Contract Citizens Caucasian Men]. The United States is a foreign European corporation conducting trade and commerce in foreign lands. See: In Re Merrian’s Estate, 36 N.Y. 479, Affirmed in U.S. v. Perkins 163 U.S. 625.

*The Moors Sundry Act of 1790 was passed by South Carolina legislature, granting special status to the subjects of Sultan of Morocco, Mohammed ben Abdallah. It recognized Moors as “white” people with Jury duty as a privilege. Moors were not to be subjected to laws governing Blacks and slaves.

*Moors are descendants of Moroccans and born in America.

*MOORS are the progenitors of the European/French/Dutch/Belgian/Titles of the Noble-Family with the coat of the arms with the names of the Moor/Moore/More/Moorison/Morel/Moorrees/ Morand/ Moreau for the referring in the Golden-Age of the Moors by the Ivan-Van: Sertima on page: 235. Under the mandate of the Bey of the Moorish-Empire for the paying of the tribute by the nations like the English/French/Dutch/Danes/Swedes/ United: States toward the late: 1780′s, for the referring by the David: Macritchie in the book of the United: States And Barbary-Powers. In a letter with the date: 12-1-1789 for the Emperor of the Morocco by the eighth-president of the George: Washington of the United: States, apologizing for the non-receiving of the regular-advices (tribute).


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